Two former Google engineers, Duran Liu and Cheng Li, have announced details of the launch of one of their newest public project, a decentralized digital marketing ecosystem named Atlas Protocol (ATP).

It is to be developed on the Nebulas public blockchain and will be the first application-layer protocol launched on the open-source network.

Promising signs include several partnerships already confirmed, namely decentralized gifting system Gifto and mobile web browser Dolphin.

The reveal of this blockchain-based digital marketing ecosystem comes at somewhat of a tipping point for the internet as a whole. Just months ago, internet giants Google, Facebook and Twitter were summoned to a hearing by the US Senate to investigate instances of micro-targeting and false advertising, allegedly widespread throughout each of their respective platforms. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg infamously returned last month for a further inquiry into the misuse of data provided by users.

These problems would be neutralized by allowing individual users the ownership of their data, granting the freedom to do with it as they please through transparency and decentralization. The Atlas Protocol aims to deliver exactly as such.

Duran Liu is a former Senior Software Engineer at Google, whose primary focus was machine learning. Cheng Li, a fellow Senior Software Engineer, played a key role in building advertising systems for the internet, namely the Play Books audio service utilized by Google Assistant. Both are members of the newly formed xGoogler Blockchain Alliance.