You Can Now Donate Your CPU Power to Mine Monero (XMR) for Charity

donation jar overflowing with coins

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has recently opened an online portal where users can donate some of their computer’s processing power to mine cryptocurrency, with all generated funds going towards saving children, protecting their rights and other charitable services around the world.

Using the service is simple – navigate to a domain set up by UNICEF Australia, called the Hope Page, click on the ‘Start Donating’ button, and your machine will automatically begin mining cryptocurrencies.

All coins generated will be directly donated to charity, which are then turned into ‘real funds’ (read: fiat) and used to provide safe drinking water, therapeutic food and sorely needed vaccines to those in need.

Interestingly enough, the Hope Page is reportedly taking advantage of Coinhive’s AuthedMine, which is an opt-in version of the Coinhive API which primarily mines the Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency.

Those looking to donate will first have to disable their ad-blocking plugins. The Coinhive service became notorious among the cybersecurity world for its use in an epidemic of cryptojacking, a term for the clandestine compromise of websites to embed cryptocurrency mining scrips with the intent to steal processing power to mine cryptocurrencies for strangers.

Monero has also recently been the subject to some international controversy as a result of the Japanese Financial Services Agency’s pleas for cryptocurrency exchanges to drop support for anonymous alt-coins such as Monero, as their anonymous nature was causing regulatory problems for the nation.

At the time of publication, almost three-and-a-half thousand people were actively donating their processing power to mine Monero for UNICEF.

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