You Can Now Turn Your Crypto Dust Left on Binance into BNB Tokens

Gold Binance Coin Currency Symbol in the Center of Gray Marble Circles

Earlier this week we reported that Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, had hinted at the implementation of a “broom” that would allow users to finally convert their small fractions of various cryptocurrencies, colloquially known as dust, leftover from trades, into something useable.

We can confirm that the functionality is now live.

The prevalence of dust for cryptocurrency traders has been a thorn in many a side since cryptocurrency trading began, so the inclusion of a ‘digital broom’ to sweep them together into something useable will be a relief to almost everyone who has ever made a trade on Binance.

Dust is leftover from trading assets that cannot be exchanged as a fraction, but only as a whole token or coin. This accounts for a huge percentage of the cryptocurrencies currently available for trade. Previously, this dust could only really be exchanged if there was a supported pairing for the particular coin/token and Binance’s native crypto, BNB, and only if the exchange allowed trading in fractions.

Now, however, users can simply click through the Funds menu on the Binance website to Balances and select Convert to BNB, where they will be able to select all assets currently held with a valuation below 0.001 BTC and immediately convert them to BNB tokens.

Depending on the number of different cryptocurrencies previously held, it may just a full BNB or enough to power a few low-fee trades!

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