Yumerium ICO Review

Yumerium ICO Review


Traditionally, gaming platforms which engage in e-commerce employ custom currencies that are completely internal
to the game in question. However, gaming also has a significant problem with fraud and piracy, where we see cracked
versions of games sold on the black market along with the hacked currencies. In other words, the gaming e-commerce
landscape is littered with the real-world equivalent of counterfeit money.

Yumerium will take the pressure off of game developers by taking advantage of the blockchain’s inherent security and
resistance to restore confidence in the gaming economy.

What is YUM?

These anti-fraud measures will be driven by YUM, the Yumerium token and the cryptocurrency of the Yumerium platform.
The goal of Yumerium is to remove the burden of protecting in-game currencies against fraud from game developers and
to render marketing and in-game contests easier and more secure. Some of the applications of the Yumerium
cryptocurrency include:

  • Smart Contract Support: Yumerium provides the ability for developers to create smart contracts on the blockchain which, in turn, allow developers and gamers to interact in a secure, authenticated way.
  • In-Game Rewards: Using YUM, developers can run in-game contests, giveaways, etc. and reward participants or winners.
    Reviewer Compensation: YUM will be served up as a reward to users who provide reviews or recommendations of affiliated games.
  • Crowdfunding: Developers can fundraise on the blockchain by raising Yumerium tokens that can then be cashed in on an exchange.
  • In-Game Collectibles: Using the blockchain, proof of ownership can be proved for digital assets. This makes it possible to
    track ownership of in-game collectibles via the blockchain. The success of the Yumerium platform is based on fostering
    collaboration between several parties within the gaming ecosystem. Y

To achieve all this, Yumerium is setting out to nurture partnerships with the following stake-holders:

  • Subdream Studios: Will develop YUM-based games and will actively work on incremental improvements of the Yumerium platform
  • Game Developers: Create games and license them to Subdream and VR Plus in exchange for marketing
  • Gamers: Play games and earn Yumerium, which can be exchanged for in-game rewards
  • VR Plus: Another outfit that will contribute to game development and who will also host gameplay in its VR studios
    across Korea

Yumerium Token Details

The number of Yumerium tokens at the time of the initial release is capped at around 630 million. After the platform release is
completed, an additional 184 million tokens will be kept in a reserve budget that will serve to further develop the
Yumerium ecosystem. The release set of Yumerium tokens will be divided into four categories:

Token Sale: Half of all YUM tokens initially released will be available for purchase during the token sale
Network Seeding: 20% of Yumerium tokens will be used to seed the network
Team and Advisors: 20% of tokens will be used to compensate the team and advisors
Reserve: The remaining 10% of tokens will be held in reserve for unanticipated circumstances

The Yumerium token sale schedule is broken into several phases:

Presale Phase 1:  May 24 – June 9
Presale Phase 2: June 10th – June 25th 
Presale Phase 3: June 26th – July 10th
Main Token Sale: July 11th – July 24th


Yumerium has a clear roadmap covering all aspects of the development of the Yumerium cryptocurrency and game platform. Subdream Labs has released three games to date and is developing a fourth with the intention of integrating the Yumerium cryptocurrency as an in-game currency in the future. The Yumerium roadmap includes the following stages in the development of the Yumerium platform.


  • January 2017: Launch of Subdream Studios
  • April 2017: Release of Mega Overload
  • June 2017: Release of Kingdom Watcher
  • October 2017: Release of Hell Dimension
  • November 2017: Offline Game Arcade expansion


  • March 2018: Yumerium private sale
  • May 2018: Yumerium public sale
  • July 2018: First game modified to use Yumerium token in-game
  • Q3 2018
    • Release all Subdream Studios games using Yumerium token
    • Native Yumerium token release
  • Q4 2018
    • Release Yumerium game, CryptoMine
    • Begin launching games created by third-party developers


  • Q1 2019: Expand adoption of third-party developed games


Yumerium is being developed by Subdream Labs, a component of Subdream Studios.  Subdream Labs is led by an experienced team including the following:

  • Jikhan Jung (Founder and Chief Executive Officer): Experienced CEO with a background in gaming including co-founding and acting as CEO of Gala-Net.
  • Francisco Martin (Chief Gaming Officer): Game Director at Virtual World Arcade and Chief Technology Officer at Subdream Studios
  • Jaehyun Lee (Chief Security Officer): Experience as a CEO with Hurbit, Super Bee, and Zen Software

The Yumerium development team is supported by a team of experienced advisors:

  • Suyong Park: Managing Partner at Block Crafters Capital Pte. Ltd.
  • Koji Sakamoto: Board Director at TBM Co., Ltd.
  • Andy Le Tong: Chief Strategy Officer at SyncFab
  • Sungwoo Lee: Chief Operation Officer at Payletter, Inc.
  • Mitch Liu: Chief Executive Officer at Theta Labs, Inc.
  • Noriyuki Hirosue: Chief Executive Officer at Bitbank, Inc.
  • Kohei Ogawa: Chief Executive Officer at Valu.is
  • Matthew Lee: Chief Executive Officer at Unblock


The team behind the development of the Yumerium platform is experienced in the gaming industry and supported by a successful game development company. With four games already released or in development for integration with the Yumerium cryptocurrency and plans to open up access to third-party developers via an open-source SDK, Yumerium is well-positioned to revolutionize the gaming industry.

Visit the official Yumerium website here to find out more about their ICO as well as get access to their whitepaper.

Disclaimer: The content of this article should not be taken as investment advice. CryptocoinSpy does not endorse any product on this page and although we aim to issue our audience with the most important information available all readers should complete their own research. 


Howard Poston

Howard is a cybersecurity researcher with a background in cryptography. He now provides security consulting and content creation for cryptocurrency blogs, news, and whitepapers. You can reach him at howard.poston@gmail.com.

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