Zhao Believes Amazon Will Eventually Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

There are various high-profile entrepreneurs that have spoken highly about blockchain, and even companies that have launched their own cryptocurrencies, as well. One notable example is the fact that the Kik messenger app has launched its own cryptocurrency (KIN). There are also rumors that Facebook plans to launch its own cryptocurrency, as well.

However, the Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, seems to wonder why more companies aren’t getting on board with regards to mass adoption. He expressed his opinion in a tweet, while also making an interesting comment about Amazon, one of the most valuable public companies in the United States.

About The Tweets

First and foremost, Zhao believes that it’s in companies’ best interest to start accepting cryptocurrency payments. Of course, Zhao is quite the influencer in the cryptocurrency sector, and it’s in his own best interest to push this narrative. However, he pointed out advantages for internet companies to do so, stating that it was “easier, faster, and cheaper” than traditional payment systems. The tweet already has hundreds of retweets and thousands of likes. You can find it below:


He responded to his own tweet, seemingly encouraging internet entrepreneurs to do so ASAP, by saying: “The world is your oyster!” When a user responded that others would follow the lead of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Zhao claimed that this would certainly happen, “sooner or later”.


About Amazon

It is hard to deny the power of Amazon, which is the second company in U.S. history to reach the milestone of a trillion-dollar market capitalization, after tech giant Apple. For those that are unaware, the CEO, Jeff Bezos, is the richest individual in the world, as well.

There is one particular clue that Zhao might be right, and might be moving in that direction. For those that forget, late last year, Amazon registered three crypto-related domains. The domains were amazonethereum.com, amazoncryptocurrency.com, and amazoncryptocurrencies.com.

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