Zilliqa In Big Name Blockchain Alliance; Crypto Exchange Listings; More Partnerships ‘Coming Onboard’ Ahead Of Busy Roadtrip

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On Wednesday, it was announced that Zilliqa (ZIL) – the high throughput public blockchain that was the first to implement sharding (a proposed scalability solution) – was joining Deloitte and FWD as the launching partners of Insurance Market’s multi-suite insurance product, Inmediate.

Insurance Industry in Crosshairs

Per the issued press release, Inmediate will exist as a Singapore-based collaborative ecosystem for insurance that operates on blockchain technology.

Eventually, the Inmediate network is seeking to open up to all insurance companies and distributors from Singapore, Asia, and beyond. Before then, however, the project will be going through an extensive pilot phase which is expected to last for close to twelve months.

We are proud to be supporting meaningful applications which are able to take advantage of our scalable infrastructure, which has been tested to have a throughput of almost 2,500 transactions per second.” – Max Kantelia (Chief Evangelist, Zilliqa)

One Day, Two Listings

Zilliqa’s Ethereum-based ERC20 token – ZIL – received listings from two crypto asset exchanges on Wednesday; one based in India (Koinex), and the other, South Korea (GOPAX).

Zippy Zilliqa

The passports of the Zilliqa team will certainly be seeing many stamps in May, with the flourishing crypto startup participating in seven industry events and meetups.

With Thursday marking the end to Singapore’s World Digital Assets Summit (WDAS) (May 1–3), the next public showing for Zilliqa – represented by Jia Yaoqi (Co-Founder, Head of Technology) – will come on back-to-back days (May 6–7) from Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, China.

Following his WDAS appearance, Dong Xinshu (Co-Founder, CEO) will appear at a meetup in New York (May 15). Interestingly, this event will be co-hosted with Enigma (ENG) – the decentralized computation platform tailored toward privacy.

Back in Singapore, Tech in Asia Singapore 2018 (May 15–16) will see Amrit Kumar (Co-Founder, Head of Research) present on two major problems currently plaguing the blockchain space: scalability and secure smart contracts.

The Swedish capital of Stockholm is where Zilliqa will appear next. Participating at BloxPo (May 17), Kumar will once again enlighten the audience about why scalability issues continue to mar various blockchain protocols.

Zilliqa’s international roadshow ends with their most significant event, a “major meetup” in Singapore (May 23). Here, team members will provide updates re: the progress of Zilliqa.

This meetup will likely feature price-sensitive announcements, because per the event description, Zilliqa will reveal “which partners are coming onboard,” before proceeding to showcase “a preview of our new smart contract language Scilla that enables unprecedented security for smart contacts.”

Not Your Average Book Club

If that wasn’t enough already, Zilliqa also has their fortnightly commitment to hosting the Blockchain Technicals Fundamentals Reading Group from their Singaporean head office. And so, fresh back from China, Yaoqi will give yet another presentation on May 17, albeit far more technical in nature.

Indeed, the concept of Zilliqa was borne from academic research, specifically, it was inspired by this sharding-centric paper out of the National University of Singapore (NUS) which, last October, was accepted for presentation at CCS 2016.

Zilliqa’s Xinshu and Yaoqi are former PhD students of one of the six academic authors of this paper, Dr. Prateek Saxena (Chief Scientific Advisor, Zilliqa). As an assistant professor at NUS Computing, Saxena has led multiple teams of student researchers that have evolved into relevant players in the cryptosphere, such as KyberNetwork and TrueBit. In fact, Loi Luu (CEO, KyberNetwork; Advisor, Zilliqa) is presenting at the May 31 Reading Group session, where ‘Decentralization’ is the theme.

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