Computer Science Wiz Marks 24 Hires in 22 Weeks for IOTA Foundation

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The team comprising the IOTA Foundation – the German non-profit responsible for developing the IOTA cryptocurrency and its cutting-edge Tangle technology – continues to expand at an envious rate, with Sunday having marked the 24th official member to have been inducted since January 7 (i.e. twenty-two weeks ago).

This time, it was Dr. Richard Mark Soley who was formally welcomed by David Sønstebø (Co-Founder, IOTA Foundation). And, pleasingly for IOTA enthusiasts, it took very little time to interpret the fact that the Foundation’s latest addition was arguably their most significant yet.

The position offered to Soley by the IOTA Foundation certainly backs this claim. Indeed, Sunday’s announcement revealed that the veteran American computer scientist will “join the IOTA Foundation as a supervisory board member and advisor.” Note, the supervisory board is distinct from (and more important than), say, the Foundation’s board of directors.

Why Is Soley Such A Big Get For IOTA?

Per his LinkedIn profile, Dr. Soley holds bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

What Dr. Soley has done in his days since obtaining this world-class education is equally as impressive. Having been instrumental in its founding back in 1989, he has served as chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group® (OMG®) since 1997.

Few people in the world can match Dr. Soley’s list of merits and experience in developing standards in CS (Computer Science) and IoT (Internet of Things) or building organizations and alliances with multiple stakeholders involved.” – David Sønstebø

OMG has risen to become a world leader in the creation of international software industry standardization and has built countless global communities; delivering software standards that have helped make the software development field into the powerful industry we know today.

The OMG board of directors comprises top-end executive from IT giants like IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft – all thanks to Dr. Soley’s leadership that has spanned almost three decades. Additionally, there exists dozens of vertical-market leaders such as Citigroup, THALES, HSBC, and John Deere.

Additionally, Dr. Soley sits as Executive Director of the Clouds Standards Customer Council™ (end-user advocacy group), as well as Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium (world’s leading organization transforming enterprise by accelerating the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)).

Computer Science Wiz Marks 24 Hires in 22 Weeks for IOTA Foundation

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