DigiByte (DGB), Binance Leaders Butt Heads Once Again in Twitter War

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Ongoing tension between the Binance top-tier cryptocurrency exchange and DigiByte – a crypto project self-described as a “public, rapidly growing and highly decentralized blockchain” – have come to a head once more on Tuesday.

Prompting this most recent bout were comments made by the founder and creator of the DigitByte blockchain, Jared Tate, in relation to a contentious announcement released by Binance yesterday declaring that its received listing fees would henceforth be donated to charity, dollar-for-dollar, via its recently created Blockchain Charity Fund (BCF).

Tate, being one of numerous influential crypto-related voices that sought issue with this particular element of the otherwise encouraging announcement out of Binance, headed to Twitter to express his discontent.

As an initial response to the news, Tate took aim at “#SleazyCZ,” sarcastically remarking how the “<cough> “listing fees” it receives [will be donated to] its newly created internal “Charity”.”

Not long after, the Binance leader – who was tagged in Tate’s tweet – issued his own tweet, which can be seen below.

In an added blow to DigiByte’s chances of ever earning a Binance listing – an ongoing subject of confusion, particularly given the four-year-old blockchain’s established position among the nascent crypto ecosystem – Changpeng labelled Tate’s remark as “not [being] a very smart/responsible thing to do, as a coin founder.”

Tate, supposedly irked one too many times by the Malta-based exchange, let loose soon after this tweet from CZ. In a revealing, accusatory eight-part tweetstorm, the DigiByte blockchain founder put forward how it was “time to set the binance [sic] record straight and let the world know the truth.”

Changpeng extended his sympathy toward “the people who honestly tried to help” DigiByte’s native cryptocurrency – DGB – earn a Binance listing. Notably, @tommyp408 was singled out as a “good guy” by CZ. “I feel bad for him,” the CEO admitted.

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