Marshall Islands Signs Bill Introducing Cryptocurrency as Sole Sovereign Currency

Marshall Islands flag waving against clean blue sky

Breaking news – Marshall Islands, a sovereign state and UN member, has signed a monumental bill to legalise its sole sovereign currency as a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency, therefore, is now the legal tender of a sovereign nation.

Tweeting earlier today, Ran Neuner hinted at a ‘HUGE NEWS’ announcement on his show – Crypto Trader on CNBC Africa.

As Neuner postulates, banks/Visa and other financial intuitions will have to now accept that cryptocurrency is a legal tender of a sovereign nation. This marks a gigantic step forward for the space as a whole. Details are yet to fully emerge regarding the technological underpinnings of the sovereign digital currency, and whether a commercially-backed project is providing the necessary infrastructure support. More can be seen about this breaking development here.

2018 is the year that commentators from all sides have predicted industry adoption. Now that a nation has adopted cryptocurrency as its national currency, the speed of further adoption is likely to increase. Could this also mark the end of the markets general downturn? It seems that with current efforts with the securitisation of assets, as well as private and central banks discussing issuing further assets and providing trading platforms amongst other liquidity, an upturn is hopefully just round the corner.

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