Wanchain President “Has Stepped Down”, Secret Blockchain Project Awaits

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In a thorough progress report issued on Sunday, Wanchain – the crypto-protocol intent on becoming a leader in blockchain interoperability – made it known that incumbent President Dustin Byington “has stepped down from his current roles in order to spearhead a new project focused on growing and building the Wanchain ecosystem.”

Bye Bye Byington

Whilst the particulars of this mystery project will be divulged “in the coming months,” the organizational hierarchy of the Wanchain Foundation is certain to see some changes at the upper managerial level.

Indeed, Sunday’s announcement addressed how Byington’s extant responsibilities will be divvied up ahead of the upcoming (indefinite) period in which he works on “accelerating the development of the Wanchain ecosystem”. Taking on this work will be “two highly qualified Wanchain Vice Presidents, Li Ni and Oliver Birch.”

The two are seemingly no strangers to managing a demanding workload, with Li Ni having already led three departments for Wanchain (Asia): business development, PR, and marketing. And for Mr. Birch, he had the unenviable task of leading the community management “across all of Wanchain’s global platforms.”

Five Arrive

Indicative of a project intent on cultivating a blockchain protocol that competes with the best, Wanchain also announced the arrival of five new team members on Sunday; all of which “are very experienced in the blockchain space.”

Whilst their specific roles at Wanchain weren’t shared (barring one), each was accompanied with enough quality biographical information to suggest that these five individuals will serve Wanchain tremendously.

In no particular order, the five individuals hired by Wanchain were: Dynal Patel, PhD (Director of Strategic Partnerships), Scott Trowbridge, Mimi Chu, Ruby Wang, and Sonia Xu.

Taking nothing away from the unique qualifications and experiences that the latter four offer the Wanchain Foundation, there’s no question that the hiring of Patel represents their most significant boon.

Employed to lead the development and execution of strategic partnerships at Wanchain, Patel appears as qualified as any to deliver. Indeed, he “has over 15 years of management experience in leading technology and telecommunication companies such as Vodafone, Altran Technologies and Microsoft.”

The PhD he holds is for Computer Science (University of Cape Town). Additionally, Patel is “a certified Project Management Professional.”

Executive Committee Grows

Sticking with the personnel theme, Wanchain have also appointed a new Executive Committee member, Michael Liao – effective immediately.

Mr. Liao is a specialist in global financial service, private equity, M&As, risk management, and transformational leadership. Such a rich knowledge base came from – among other sources – Liao’s high-end position as the former CIO and Board Member of General Motors Asset Management (i.e., the ~$110B Pension Fund Investment arm of General Motors).

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