Nvidia Pulls out of Crypto Mining Sector

crypto mining machines

Following a massive decline in profits in the second quarter of 2018, computer chip manufacturer Nvidia has announced it is officially pulling out of its cryptocurrency mining activities. Projected earnings for the second quarter of 2018 were estimated to be $100 million but huge losses across the cryptocurrency market meant the company only managed to accrue $18 million in revenue.…

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CoinEx Crypto Exchange Upgrades Controversial Trans-Fee Mining Deal

mining concept

The CoinEx cryptocurrency exchange has today upgraded the terms of their trade-driven mining model; a feature – where CoinEx Tokens (CET) are issued to users instead of simply returning transaction fees – that has controversially seen them emerge from the doldrums of the highly-competitive crypto exchange sector. CoinEx Trade-driven Mining to Change In an announcement issued on Wednesday, CoinEx –…

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Amazon Fire and TV Sticks Infected with Crypto-mining Malware

conceptual image for bitcoin mining and discovery crypto currency

Users looking to stream free content via Amazon’s Android-supporting TV and Fire sticks might find they are inadvertently opening up their connection to a crypto mining bot. Cryptojacking, the term used to describe the method of hijacking a device and using the computing power to discreetly mine cryptocurrency, is becoming more and more popular. Open-source software such as Android is…

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The Next Blockchain Platform from Switzerland’s Crypto Valley Optimizes Your Gaming PC for Mining Crypto

games computer online in internet cafe

Switzerland’s innovative Crypto Valley, or ‘the Zug’, has revealed its latest contribution to the blockchain sector: Gaimin, an innovative solution to the cryptocurrency mining supply and demand ecosystem. Gaiman’s goal is to be the number one decentralized cryptocurrency mining network, all powered by consumer-level gaming computers. An official release reads: Gaimin is an advanced AI powered platform which connects gaming…

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Bitcoin Gold Responds to Bitmain’s New ASIC Miner for Equihash

asic miner rig

Bitcoin Gold (BTG), one of the most popular Bitcoin forks, has gone on the record to reinforce the projects dedication to being ASIC-resistant. The announcement, entitled ‘A Response to the ASIC Threat’, is directly related to news put out by Chinese crypto-mining giant Bitmain, who confirmed release of its new “ASIC” miner capable of mining Bitcoin Gold. ASIC stands for…

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Google Chrome Web Store Bans Cryptojacking Extensions

cryptojacking concept

Search engine giant Google has revealed that their Chrome Web Store is outlawing cryptocurrency, just weeks after Google (including their YouTube subsidiary) did the same. This time though, the cryptocurrency ban pertains to crypto mining (i.e. via Chrome extensions), rather than advertising or marketing. Indeed, in a Chromium blog post written by James Wagner (Extensions Platform Product Manager) on Monday,…

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American City Bans Cryptocurrency Miners From Taking its Cheap Electricity

crypto mining ban

Councillors in Plattsburgh, NY, have unanimously voted to prevent their city from becoming a cryptocurrency mining hub. In what is believed to be the first such action by any American city, it has announced that it is closed to new mining operations for at least 18 months. Electricity costs in Plattsburgh are particularly low thanks to the allocation of 104…

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Tesla’s Cloud Hacked to Mine Cryptocurrency

Abstract security cloud technology concept

Cybersecurity firm RedLock has revealed that electric car maker Tesla has been unwittingly mining cryptocurrency for hackers. So called “cryptojacking” has become an increasing threat and recent high profile attacks have seen user browsers hijacked for Monero-mining. Earlier this month a slew of government sites worldwide were compromised by a vulnerability in the Browseaware plug-in. However, now hackers have a…

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Salon News Site Offering Ads, or Monero-Mining

monero image on circuit board

There’s been a lot of talk in the last few months about cryptocurrency going mainstream, but are we now seeing browser-based Monero-mining going mainstream too? American news site Salon is trialing a new option for its readers: watch ads, or mine cryptocurrency. The option appears for users who have an ad-blocker installed. Ad-blockers stop the browser from displaying advertising to…

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Iceland: Cryptocurrency Mining Farms To Consume As Much Energy As Population In 2018


Cryptocurrency mining attracted lots of public discussion last year, much of which revolved around environmental concerns over the rising amounts of electricity used by mining farms. These facilities exist exclusively to solve complex mathematical puzzles with their thousands of state-of-the-art ASICs. In return, miners earn a fraction of a coin not yet in circulation. News emerged over the weekend indicating…

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