Pornhub now offering to pay pornstars in Verge (XVG) cryptocurrency

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One month on from the “biggest partnership in cryptocurrency history”, the offering of a Verge payment option for consumers of online pornography, Pornhub have announced that they are also giving their porn performers the option to be paid in Verge.

Pornhub’s model program allows content creators to upload their videos in exchange for cash prizes for the most popular content. For aspiring performers it offers the opportunity to “get your content in front of billions of customers on Pornhub,” and receive “80%+ of the ad revenue you generate.

According to the Pornhub Model Payment Program, everything is done “to help you be more successful”. Performers were “asking for more flexibility in payments” so the platform decided to offer payouts in cryptocurrency. Under the terms of the partnership, Verge is the only crypto option, for now at least,

Although allowing users to pay for porn with Verge gathered the most attention, it is possible that paying performers is more significant. While greater privacy around purchases is significant, paying in cryptocurrency may solve a more pressing real world problem.

Previously payments were made by check, Paxum, PayPal or Direct Deposit. However, PayPal reserves the right to shut down accounts which sell “adult content” while porn performers are often discriminated against by the traditional banking system who can cite “morality clauses” to refuse accounts. This restricts sex industry workers to taking cash, impossible online, or paying for premium banking services.

After the addition of a Verge payment option for ad network TrafficJunky, Verge is now “fully integrated into every part of the Pornhub ecosystem.” Verge payments will be available as of the next payout date in June and Pornhub is encouraging its models to make the switch, citing “lower payment fees”, “investment in a massively growing economy” and “secure storage of your funds” as key benefits.

So far the initiative has gone down well with the performers, with a delighted “AnnieSux” saying, “not only does PH pay you, but now offers investments opportunities, you guys rock.” Certainly the move will educate a new generation of cryptocurrency users on the nuts and bolts of how to receive and spend cryptocurrency. The post contains an overview on how to receive crypto, with Pornhub employee “brett” patiently helping out in the comment section, directing models to wallet options online.

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