Crypto Creative Shares Trailer to Bitcoin Video That Took ‘Over A Year’ to Finish

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On Thursday, creative educator Brit Cruise (u/britcruise) posted on the Bitcoin subreddit a trailer of his soon-to-be-released long-form video on Bitcoin – The Trust Machine. The preview comes as Cruise declared that he was “finally done” with creating the thirty-minute Bitcoin-oriented video; a project that had taken him “over a year” to complete.

Describing it as “my gift back to the Bitcoin community,” Cruise revealed that the goal of his upcoming video was “to educate both moms and engineers about the key insights” underpinning the Bitcoin movement; one that’s prompted various other blockchains and distributed ledger technologies to similarly challenge numerous models that civilization has considered the norm for centuries. Focussing on Bitcoin, The Trust Machine – being released on June 28 – will also teach viewers how and why it works.

The trailer explores how “a reckless system of over-lending came to a head in 2008” by way of the global financial crisis. “The only option governments around the world had,” the narrator explains, “was to create trillions of new dollars…[to keep] the wheels of the economy turning.”

In closing, The Trust Machine preview explains how this disastrous systemic failure shed light on “debates around what money should be…[and] who should be in control of its creation.”

It’s one third economics, one third computer science and one third politics – I can’t wait to tell it.” – Cruise

The uploader of the trailer was the co-created Art of the Problem, a YouTube channel (~48,000 subscribers, 5,000,000+ views) that focusses on delivering educational content on matters relating to cryptography, information theory, and computer science.

Per his website, Cruise has a background in engineering and computer science. Notably, the Canadian – who has been investing since he was twelve – also runs a cryptocurrency investment fund. Adopting a (modified) indexing approach (see: Crypto Capital: My Cryptocurrency Fund Thesis), Cruise had, until recently, been publishing insightful monthly updates since the fund’s inception last January.

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