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Jimmy Song Calls Out Joseph Lubin Over Ethereum (ETH) Bet

One of the aspects of an emerging technology is that some of the most well-respected and well-known figures have all sorts of different theories and ideas about cryptocurrency and blockchain. For example, there are all sorts of various figures that have made different price predictions, or claimed that various catalysts would lead to mass adoption. Of course, some have been…

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UK Cryptocurrency Company Data Released

This year has been tough for all sorts of cryptocurrency companies who had high hopes in 2017. As one can imagine, the idea of cryptocurrency had a much more different sentiment a year ago today, when Bitcoin was in the middle of a huge cryptocurrency bull run that took it over $19,000. Even though the past few days has seen…

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Consensys To Lay Off Half Its Staff Or More

In the wake of cryptocurrencies losing hundreds of billions in market capitalization – it’s been tough for cryptocurrency companies and blockchain startups of all kinds. Of course, to some – this means that it is perfect time to invest in companies, while the sector is quiet, and before more institutional money comes in. Consensys apparently will be laying off a…

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