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Seoul Examining Blockchain Military Applications

In 2019, there is little doubt that blockchain technology will be utilized in a variety of sectors and industries. Over the years, there have been some obvious applications that blockchain is usually associated with, including sectors such as global payments, logistics, and data storage. Of course, this doesn’t mean that blockchain is limited to these sectors, by any means. In…

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South Korean Court Acquits Bithumb

One of the issues with an emerging technology that has the potential to be disruptive is the fact that often times, the world doesn’t know exactly how to respond. By now, it is clear that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can be applied to many sectors – but governments and courts are unclear on the exact laws and regulations that should…

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South Korea Business School Offers Crypto MBA

In order for the cryptocurrency markets to thrive, more and more investors are going to have to enter the space. This also means that more cryptocurrency traders and investors need to learn about cryptocurrency, as well. One country that has been particularly interested in cryptocurrency is South Korea. A major business school in South Korea is now offering a “Crypto…

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