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British Millionaire And Facebook Come To Agreement About Bitcoin (BTC) Scam Ads

Many in the cryptocurrency community were ecstatic to find out that Facebook had reversed its crypto ad ban last year in 2018. Obviously, many believed that cryptocurrency markets could never truly grow unless there was an increased amount of exposure to potential investors and traders. While the platform might not advertise every company now, and there are strict rules surrounding…

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Roger Ver Says Scammers Made $6 Million

One major issue with the cryptocurrency markets is the fact that there are so many scammers involved, that are ready to take advantage of those who might not be knowledgeable about how scams work. Often times, scammers use the likeness of influential figures in the cryptocurrency space in order to profit. Specifically, Roger Ver, the CEO of, has stated…

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Seven Crypto Criminals Indicted In Taiwan, Ran Bitcoin (BTC) Fraud Scheme

It’s well known that there are countries in Asia that are not exactly embracing the cryptocurrency markets. For example, China has cracked down on cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings (ICOs), and India is still undecided about a regulatory framework regarding the sector. It appears as though there is now more negative publicity surrounding cryptocurrency and Asia. This time, the country…

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Brazil Cryptocurrency Whales Turning To Physical Vaults/Safes

For those that are cryptocurrency “whales”, meaning investors with a significant amount of cryptocurrency holdings – there is always the question surrounding whether their funds are completely safe or not. When you consider that over $1 billion in cryptocurrency was stolen in 2018 – the concern is understandable.= Brazilian “whales” are no longer viewing a secure password as enough protection…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Trader And Friend Booked For Murder

A Bitcoin trader and his friend have reportedly murdered a young woman in the Philippines, according to various news reports. The trader in question is 21 year-old Bitcoin dealer Troy Woody Jr. and his friend, 24-year old Mir Islam. Both are currently being held in the country on a murder charge. The crime occurred in the Philippines, and all three…

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South Korean Court Acquits Bithumb

One of the issues with an emerging technology that has the potential to be disruptive is the fact that often times, the world doesn’t know exactly how to respond. By now, it is clear that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can be applied to many sectors – but governments and courts are unclear on the exact laws and regulations that should…

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