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Kucoin Gives Back To Users, Offers Zero Trading Fees Until 2/21

It’s hard to argue that it’s a great time for cryptocurrency markets right now, given the fact that Bitcoin (BTC) has lost the majority of its value (from all-time highs), but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t successful cryptocurrency exchanges out there. One obvious example is Binance, which continues to expand globally and is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by…

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Malta Is The Crypto Trading Leader

We all know that there are all sorts of different perspectives that different countries have with regards to cryptocurrency. There are some governments that are embracing cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain startups with open arms, and others that are cracking down hard on the entire sector. However, Malta has now become the country with the largest crypto trading volume in the…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Trader And Friend Booked For Murder

A Bitcoin trader and his friend have reportedly murdered a young woman in the Philippines, according to various news reports. The trader in question is 21 year-old Bitcoin dealer Troy Woody Jr. and his friend, 24-year old Mir Islam. Both are currently being held in the country on a murder charge. The crime occurred in the Philippines, and all three…

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Blythe Masters Steps Down As CEO Of Digital Asset

In 2014, Bythe Masters made headlines when she stepped down from a comfy position as a J.P. Morgan Chase executive and decided to lead the blockchain startup Digital Asset. It appears as though her journey at the startup has come to an abrupt end, however, as she announced that she was stepping down after over three years in the CEO…

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Prosecutors Want 10-Year Jail Sentence For Former Mt. Gox CEO

There are few events that have shaped the current cryptocurrency markets as the infamous Mt. Gox hack. For those who are unaware, Mt. Gox was once the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, established in 2010. At its height, it was handling 70% of all the global transactions involving Bitcoin. Unfortunately, over $400 million in Bitcoin was hacked from the exchange in…

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