Scottish Hospital to Treat Cryptocurrency Trading Addiction

Dice in mid air

The Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland is to be the first in the UK to treat cryptocurrency trading addiction, giving weight to the the meme that trading digital assets is akin to heading to the casino. The facility has tailored a course of residential treatment for those struggling to deal with issues associated with the activity and  even to ween…

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Stormy Daniels Teams with Cryptocurrency That Rewards You For Watching Her Videos

Stormy Daniels

Vice Industry Token, Inc. (VIT) has partnered with the official website of infamous and politically relevant Stormy Daniels. Users of her website can generate VIT tokens by liking, commenting and sharing Stormy Daniels videos, as well as simply streaming her content. VIT tokens can then be spent across any of the Darkreach Communications network, which includes official websites for stars…

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ICON Foundation and Deblock Sign Deal with Ad-Data Ecosystem Airbloc Protocol, Will Run on Both ICON and Ethereum

business contract on background of two employees handshaking

Airbloc Protocol is to be the chosen decentralized advertising data marketplace of the ICON Foundation and its associated blockchain accelerator Deblock. The partnership was revealed by Airbloc Protocol today, in which the ICON platform is to be used to develop the Aero Network, the data validation network that powers Airbloc designed specifically for the processing of data. A fully operational…

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NEO & Ontology Foundations Reveal Details of Joint Task Force

team pulling line

Fresh from signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) just weeks ago, both NEO and Ontology Foundations are wasting no time by co-funding a joint task force with a combined RMB$4million (approx. US$620,0000). The team will will be made up mostly of core developers of the Ontology platform and Neo Global Development (NGD). Notable names include Onchain core developers Weng Junjie,…

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The Next Blockchain Platform from Switzerland’s Crypto Valley Optimizes Your Gaming PC for Mining Crypto

games computer online in internet cafe

Switzerland’s innovative Crypto Valley, or ‘the Zug’, has revealed its latest contribution to the blockchain sector: Gaimin, an innovative solution to the cryptocurrency mining supply and demand ecosystem. Gaiman’s goal is to be the number one decentralized cryptocurrency mining network, all powered by consumer-level gaming computers. An official release reads: Gaimin is an advanced AI powered platform which connects gaming…

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IOTA Launches New Testnet as Current One is Really a ‘Mainnet Lite’, More to Come

close up of IOTA coin

The IOTA Foundation has launched a new testnet and officially renamed the current testing network to ‘Devnet’. They are also preparing to launch at least two additional testnets. An official blog post details just how quickly their original testnet has been adopted by blockchain developers  and it appears the overall input has become too big to be housed within just…

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NANO to be Accepted by eSports Betting Market PVP.ME

Close-up On Gamer's Hands on a keyboard

Leading eSports and gaming betting exchange PVP.ME has revealed that it has plans to integrate NANO into its platform. Founded in 2015, PVP.ME has grown to over 150,000 users and reportedly processes over 4 million bets per month on a regular basis. Their support of NANO could spur on a new wave of registrations from blockchain enthusiasts, but perhaps more…

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VeChainThor Gets Its First ICO – Plair, A Decentralized eSports Ecosystem

Man using smartphone with ICO

The first ICO to ever launch on the VeChainThor (VET) blockchain has been revealed: an all encompassing decentralized gaming and content platform called Plair. The Plair ecosystem is looking to create a completely new, amateur and most of all decentralized eSports market. Streaming, an in-game betting system and communication functionality will all be implemented, as well community management support. VeChain…

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Binance Delays Listing of TrueUSD Citing Liquidity Concerns

bills flying on blue sky background

Binance has delayed the the listing of stable-coin TrueUSD, which was scheduled for today. It would be the first offering of an alternative to Tether (USDT), which has drawn much attention for its lack of transparency. The launch has been moved to Tuesday 22 in order to ensure that any demand is met with proper liquidity, specifics of what that…

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Devvio Claims Their Blockchain Can Process Millions of Transactions Per Second

blockchain data flow concept

A press release this week details the efforts of Devvio, a self-described pioneer in blockchain protocols, in benchmarking their new Devcash platform. The new blockchain has reportedly successfully processed upwards of 2,500,000 transactions per second, all completely on-chain. This is worth noting as the Lightning Network, widely revered as the scalability solution for Bitcoin, takes advantage of off-chain computations in…

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