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You Can Now Buy Domino’s With Bitcoin (BTC)

It’s hard to deny that in 2019, Bitcoin has reached price levels that many believed it never would years ago. However, it’s also hard to deny the fact that Bitcoin (BTC) isn’t being used by many individuals with regards to everyday purchases. That is slowly changing, and a recent development certainly is making things interesting. Specifically, a crypto payments startup…

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Is Bitcoin Dead?

It’s hard to deny these days that the cryptocurrency markets aren’t looking amazing, especially when traders and investors compare prices of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to all-time highs. The “crypto craze” of 2017 is over, and there are all sorts of media outlets that are essentially claiming that Bitcoin is dead forever, or that it was…

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The Top 10 Bitcoin (BTC) Obituaries Over The Years

While it seems as though a new Fortune 500 company is exploring blockchain technology, or there is a new company or merchant that accepts Bitcoin (BTC), it wasn’t too long ago that there were many individuals, whether they are experts in their field, or simply have a large platform, that claimed that Bitcoin was dead. Of course, this might have…

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Ex-NSA Agents Used Bitcoin (BTC) In Hacking Operation

There are many in the traditional finance world that have attempted to downplay cryptocurrency throughout the years. They have brought up the fact that cybercriminals tend to use the digital asset as proof that it is illegitimate, despite the fact that Bitcoin (BTC) has grown exponentially in value over the past several years. However, it doesn’t seem that enough people…

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J.M. Bullion Accepts Bitcoin (BTC)

One of the leading bullion companies in the United States, J.M. Bullion, a leading authorized bullion dealer based in Dallas, now accepts Bitcoin (BTC) as a form of payment. For those who are unfamiliar with the sector, bullion is gold, silver, or other precious metals in the form of “bars” that are typically used for market trading. The value of…

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Winklevoss Twins Think Bitcoin (BTC) Will Be Bigger Than Gold

There are many who scoffed at the Winklevoss Twins when they decided to take some of the payout from their Facebook lawsuit to purchase Bitcoin (BTC), but they have since become two of the most important figures in the cryptocurrency world. It appears that the decision was a wise one, considering that many believe that they actually became the world’s…

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Brazil Cryptocurrency Whales Turning To Physical Vaults/Safes

For those that are cryptocurrency “whales”, meaning investors with a significant amount of cryptocurrency holdings – there is always the question surrounding whether their funds are completely safe or not. When you consider that over $1 billion in cryptocurrency was stolen in 2018 – the concern is understandable.= Brazilian “whales” are no longer viewing a secure password as enough protection…

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Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs On The Rise

The cryptocurrency community has grown tremendously over the years, and one of the goals for 2019 is for it to grow even more. The more that people use cryptocurrency, and are aware of it, the more valuable these cryptocurrencies can become. One metric that the community has been using to gauge interest has been to keep track of how many…

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Equity Fund CEO Says Focus On “Biscuits, Not Bitcoins (BTC)”

It’s not some big secret that the cryptocurrency markets are volatile, which is a main criticism from those in the traditional finance sector. However, there are many in the cryptocurrency community that point out that these figures in finance are bashing cryptocurrency and blockchain because of the potential threat that they pose to the sector. Regardless, since the price of…

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Jameson Lopp Speaks About Bitcoin (BTC) And Government

There are many reasons to believe in blockchain and cryptocurrency. There are entrepreneurs that love the fact that blockchain can optimize their businesses, and there are human rights advocates that appreciate the transparency of blockchain. Of course, there are differing opinions as to what the true principles of decentralization are, and how blockchain should be applied to society. Jameson Lopp…

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